Authentic Ghana Peanut Soup Recipe

Ghanaian cuisine is known for its rich and diverse flavors, and one of the most beloved dishes is Ghana Peanut Soup. This delicious and hearty soup combines the nutty goodness of peanuts with aromatic spices and tender chicken. In this step-by-step blog post, I will guide you through the process of making this mouthwatering Ghana Peanut Soup right in your own kitchen. So, let’s get started!

Authentic Ghana Peanut Soup Recipe – A Hearty Delight!

Cook Time 1 hour 30 minutes
Course Soup
Cuisine West African


  • – Peanut paste – 165g
  • – Tomato paste – 70g
  • – Chicken – 500g thighs or any preferred cut
  • – Ginger – 5g grated
  • – Garlic cloves – 2 minced
  • – Maggi cubes – 3
  • – Black Pepper – 1/2 tsp
  • – Salt – 2 tsp
  • – Red onion – 1 medium-sized diced
  • – Chili powder pepper – 1/2 tsp optional, adjust to taste
  • – Water


Step 1: Sautéing the Peanut and Tomato Paste

  • Heat a pan over medium heat and add the peanut paste.
  • Stir continuously to prevent burning and allow the paste to warm up for about a minute.
  • Add the tomato paste to the pan and continue stirring.

Step 2: Achieving the Creamy Consistency

  • Gradually add a small amount of water to the mixture while stirring. This will help the peanut butter and tomato paste combine and thicken.
  • Continue stirring until the mixture reaches a thick and creamy consistency.
  • Add more water, a little at a time, while stirring continuously until the mixture becomes lighter and creamier.
  • Lower the heat to medium-low and let the mixture simmer, stirring occasionally until the oil separates from the peanut butter. This process may take some time, so be patient as it enhances the flavors.

Step 3: Preparing the Chicken

  • In a separate pot, season the chicken thighs with salt, minced garlic, grated ginger, black pepper, and diced red onion.
  • Cook the seasoned chicken thighs until they are fully cooked and tender.

Step 4: Combining the Peanut Butter Mixture and Chicken

  • Once the chicken is cooked, add the cooked peanut butter mixture to the pot with the chicken.
  • Pour in water to cover the chicken and peanut mixture. Adjust the amount of water depending on your desired consistency.
  • Stir everything together gently.

Step 5: Simmering the Soup

  • Reduce the heat to low and let the soup simmer for about 30-40 minutes, allowing the flavors to meld together.
  • Stir occasionally and adjust the seasoning with salt and Maggi cubes according to your taste preferences.
  • If desired, add chili powder pepper for an extra kick of heat.

Step 6: Serving the Ghana Peanut Soup

  • Once the soup has simmered to perfection, it’s ready to be served.
  • Ladle the hot soup into bowls and garnish with fresh herbs or a sprinkle of crushed peanuts.
  • Ghana Peanut Soup pairs well with banku, rice, rice balls, konkonte, semolina, or any other preferred side dish.
  • Enjoy the delightful flavors and savor the taste of authentic Ghanaian cuisine!


Congratulations! You have successfully prepared an authentic Ghana Peanut Soup. The combination of peanut butter, spices, and tender chicken creates a truly comforting and flavorful dish. Whether you choose to enjoy it with banku, rice, or any other accompaniment, this Ghana Peanut Soup is sure to impress your family and friends. Embrace the rich flavors and enjoy this delightful Ghanaian creation!

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