Interview with Italian-Nigerian Student in Lithuania

If you’re dreaming of exploring new horizons and experiencing life in a foreign land, you’ll want to hear the captivating story of Stephanie, an Italian-Nigerian student living in Lithuania. In a recent interview on Obaa Borga’s Kitchen YouTube channel, Stephanie shares her insights on life in Lithuania, Nigerian cuisine, and her unique journey.

The Journey to Lithuania

Stephanie’s journey to Lithuania began with a simple invitation from a friend. She candidly admits that before her friend’s suggestion, she didn’t even know Lithuania existed! Growing up in Nigeria and completing her primary and secondary education there, she had her sights set on an English-speaking university. It was her friend who introduced her to the idea of Lithuania, describing it as an affordable destination with English-taught programs.

Stephanie made the bold decision to explore Lithuania. She initially planned to stay for a short time to complete her studies and return home, but Lithuania had other plans for her. She found herself making friends, feeling comfortable in her new surroundings, and gradually adapting to life in the Baltic nation.

University Life in Lithuania

Stephanie enrolled in a Lithuanian university and was pleasantly surprised by the opportunities it offered. She highlights the unique feature of paid internships, which made her academic journey even more rewarding. In Lithuania, internships often come with financial support to help students cover living expenses while gaining valuable work experience.

Balancing Life in a Foreign Land

Life in Lithuania, according to Stephanie, comes with its challenges. She acknowledges the occasional instances of racism and stares from locals, but she encourages everyone to stay resilient and stand their ground. She also emphasizes the importance of understanding the local culture and adapting to it.

Nigerian Cuisine in Lithuania.

Stephanie’s love for Nigerian cuisine is evident, and she’s eager to share her passion. In the interview, she demonstrates how to make a delicious Nigerian vegetable sauce and rice. Stephanie’s cooking showcases the rich flavors and ingredients that are staples in Nigerian cuisine.

Words of Advice

Before considering a move to a foreign country, Stephanie offers some practical advice. She emphasizes the need to thoroughly research your destination, understand its culture, and plan financially. It’s essential to have a clear picture of what to expect and to be prepared for the challenges that may arise.

Watch the Interview

To hear Stephanie’s story in her own words and witness her culinary skills, check out the full interview on Obaa Borga’s Kitchen YouTube channel. Watch the interview here.

Stephanie’s journey from Nigeria to Lithuania is a testament to the possibilities that await those who venture into the unknown. Her story reminds us that with determination, adaptability, and a love for good food, you can make a new place feel like home.

So, are you ready to embark on your own adventure? Let Stephanie’s story inspire you, and don’t forget to tune in to Obaa Borga’s Kitchen to learn more about life in Lithuania and the flavors of Nigerian cuisine.

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